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About the Program

Divas Abroad is a volunteer trip experience to educate and empower women internationally. Created in January 2015 by Laura Furtado, it allows women part of the DivaGirl community, an opportunity to give back and experience an amazing trip.

What is the Purpose of Divas Abroad?

The purpose of Divas Abroad is to bring a group of women together, who collectively work as a board, to provide classes, workshops and exercises to educate and empower women internationally. As a team, we create, plan and execute the curriculum and fundraising initiatives. Divas Abroad offers a solution for women wanting to volunteer abroad, by offering a seamless, safe and cultured trip experience that is packaged, scheduled and delivered, in 3-5 easy payments. Participants are encouraged to fundraise to cover the costs of their trip.

Why Participate in Divas Abroad?

Women have the opportunity to share their knowledge, learn another culture, and attend a life-changing trip. Throughout the journey, you will transform through life-coaching and reflection sessions (personal and group) led by our expert facilitators. This is your opportunity to empower women abroad.

Past Missions

  • 2020: Jaipur, India (Teen, Women & Orphanage).  APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN
  • 2018: Cusco, Peru (Women Shelter & Girls Orphanage) View pictures
  • 2017Ghana, Africa (Ghana Women Entrepreneurial Group) View pictures
  • 2016: Nepal, Southeast Asia(Indrayani Women’s Group) View pictures
  • 2015: Belize, South America (Cornerstone Foundation) View pictures
Divas Abroad Sample Gallery

Divas Abroad Sample Gallery

  • Divas Abroad organized a fantastic women’s mission experience for all women involved. Jill & Laura’s attention to detail, professionalism and willingness to go the extra mile really sets Divas Abroad apart from any other women’s mission experience. No stone is left unturned in the planning and being a part of the experience means you are a part of a team. I recommend that if you are a woman looking to give back abroad, that you join Divas Abroad in 2017 and beyond.

  • This year Divas Abroad was amazing! Coming in with an open mind, allowed me absorb the culture and learn from the people of Nepal. We come from different places but so much unites us. Grasping the opportunity to volunteer in another country is one all us should take at least once. Each person you interact with will teach you something new and the memories you gain will stick with you forever.

  • My experience with a Divas Abroad is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. If you love to travel and help others, this is the best program for you. The best part about the program is the passionate women in the program with you, everyone supported each other. When women come together and support each other, amazing things happen. I cannot say enough about how a wonderful trip this was. Divas Abroad is truly a once in a lifetime experience. This was my 2nd year being part of the team and I cannot wait to see where we go and what we accomplish next year!


Divas Abroad Volunteer Application Form

  • Why should you be selected?
  • As there will be personal fundraising initiatives and board meetings that must take place.
  • It can be in the areas of fitness, health, lifestyle, women esteem, business, development, etc.
  • Please note additional fees would apply.
  • Please select all that apply.
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