Time Out for You

Joy Lagrimas

Taking a Time Out!! That term is often used with children and rarely used in adulthood. But the truth is we all need a time out even if we are adults. Fitness and wellness isn’t just about staying in shape and fitting into skinny jeans or tight dresses. It is all encompassing, caring for your mind, body and soul.  Our bodies need a break from all the rigorous exercise we do and our mind needs a timeout to regenerate and process our thoughts whether it’s good or bad. Part of that time out is disconnecting from your everyday grind, turning off your phone and laptop for a few hours, catching up on much needed sleep, taking a long warm bath, getting a massage, etc.…just time for you to breath and process. Most importantly is to DISCONNECT!! Don’t apologize to yourself or anyone about needing that time to yourself.

As adults particularly women, we are constantly on autopilot juggling work, family and friends and don’t allow ourselves to take a break not even for a few hours. When we are awarded that break, sometimes we don’t know what to do with it and feel all out of sorts. I know I do. But listen to your body when it needs that pause. A mentor told me that “when you take that pause you give yourself power.”  We all need to be reminded just how powerful that time can be.

Ask yourself, when was the last time you took a well-deserved time out? I challenge all of you gorgeous Divas to put it on your To Do List/Daily Planner that ONE day during the week you give yourself the time out.

Some suggestions would be:

  • Take a long warm bath with candles and some calming music in the background
  • Treat yourself to a massage from head to toe
  • Get to bed early one night in your favorite pajamas and get a full 8 hour of sleep and turn the phone off
  • Writing in your journal, capturing your thoughts, feelings, what your heart desires and just write (so cathartic)
  • Stay in bed all day and watch your favorite movies (that’s one of my favorites)
  • Read a book at a coffee shop, library or bookstore
  • Go on a vacation even for a day aka a Daycation (yes that’s a word)

Enjoy Diva Beauties and always remember to do something to RELAX, RECHARGE and REVITALIZE all of you – mind, body, soul!


Joy Lagrimas
DivaGirl Fitness Philly FranchiseeatDivaGirl
Joy Lagrimas is the franchise lead of DivaGirl Fitness Philly. She holds a BA degree offering 16+ years of marketing, sales and recruiting experience in the broadcast and pharmaceutical industry. Joy is also a fitness professional specialized in Piloxing, Barre, Body Sculpt, Kickboxing and STRONG. She encourages all her students to embrace their strength and beauty by pushing them beyond their comfort zone.
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